Medical Coding

Stop worrying about coding medical bills! Optimize your revenue!

You take care of your patients; we take care of your cash flow!

On-time payment for services provided is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers. Tusker Solutions, we provide reliable medical coding services for clinics, physician groups and hospitals among other providers.

Tusker Solutions removes the pain of medical coding and auditing for physician groups, facilities, surgical centers, and payers allowing them to focus their attention on other concerns. Our exceptional coders and innovative technology enable a workflow that minimizes errors, accelerates the billing process, and reduces impact on your bottom line.

One of the most important tools of revenue generation is correct ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding. Tusker Solutions team consists of experienced, credentialed (CCS, CCSP, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-H) coders who utilize the latest and précised diagnostic/procedural coding methods to ensure accurate reimbursement of medical services healthcare providers are legally entitled to.

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  • Tusker Solutions is your partner who understands the existing complexities of the market.
  • Tusker Solutions involved in USA and UAE market where we give innovative services to our clients, focused on dynamic excellence within the market.
  • With speed and accuracy we bring a superior level of productivity and efficiency to your billing and coding processes in order to improve day to day collections and cash flow.
  • You are unique — Tusker Solutions understands that all medical practices are not the same. We provide you with full service, medical billing extending to EMR solutions customized to your needs.

Reliable Medical Coding Service

from a Certified Team of Professionals Our coders stay up-to-date with the current coding changes and updates and they maintain key performance standards based on the latest payer-specific documentation guidelines.
They have a thorough understanding of:

  • Distinct medical coding systems – ICD-10, CPT, CDT and HCPCS
  • Bundling and unbundling procedures
  • Payer-specific requirements (Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial insurance)
  • The latest AMA and CMS guidelines
  • State / federal government compliance

Why Tusker Solutions?

  • More clean claims, fewer denials
  • Reduced operating costs (30% to 40% savings)
  • Stringent quality assurance checks
  • Faster turnaround time
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • Get started today with our medical coding services!

    Medical Coding

    Medical Coding is the process of assigning standardized codes to specific services, procedures and medications provided to a patient as part of an outpatient or inpatient treatment.

    Medical coding is not only important in as far as regulatory compliance is concerned. It is also crucial in accurately capturing the medical services extended by the practice and in translating these services into billable items. Inaccurate coding due to untrained staff increases the chances of claims being rejected by payers.

    Tusker Solutions has a team of coding experts who are certified from world’s largest premier credentialing organizations for the business of healthcare The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

    Our coders exhibit competency in any coding setting, including both inpatient and outpatient services, and are proficient in using industry coding standards such as the following:

    • ICD-10 (International Classification of Disease) – for diagnostic codes.
    • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) – for procedure codes
    • IP DRG (Inpatient Diagnosis Related Group) – for hospital inpatient cases

    As a result, all our coders and billers abide by the Health Information Portability and Privacy Act (HIPPA), a set of global standards that protect the confidentiality and security of patient’s medical information.

    Tusker Solutions is the fastest, easiest way to reach your payment destination through a direct route with a single vendor. We combines fast, streamlined coding with dedicated, integrated payment services from the payer in a unique way to deliver the most comprehensive solution in the industry.

    With Tusker Medical Coding Solutions, you get paid MORE MONEY, MUCH FASTER than the same, old way you have always gone – no more delays, no more dead ends. Your patients will appreciate the financial care we provide. And you will enjoy how easy it is to speedup reimbursement and keep your monthly cash flow in high gear with the fastest RCM coding process in the industry.

    Denial Management

    Denied claims are lost money, especially when claims never get resubmitted. Sifting through the thousands of denial reasons to identify and correct errors is time consuming and costly. Administrative staffs are often ill-equipped or lack the time to tackle this monumental task.

    Tusker Solution’s experience, expertise and price structure provide a cost effective solution for revenue recovery and ensure that appropriate payment is received for services provided. We have the capacity to meet your needs and will efficiently and cost-effectively identify and correct errors, allowing you to collect the money you are owed. Our denials team is committed to improving your coding-related Denial Management process so you can free up cash and increase revenues.

    The review and improvement process is a continuous cycle. The key principle driving this is to ensure engagement and effective communications of all stakeholders by:

    • Continuously assessing and analyzing rejection data to identify and address any trends;
    • Analyzing reasons for the rejection of claims in order to identify root causes;
    • Consistently communicating with payers to ensure that recovery is maximized;
    • Regularly updating clients regarding changes in adjudication policies of different payers; and
    • Suggesting and supporting improvements in medical documentation practice and compliance of billing processes with healthcare providers.
    • Complete analysis of factors that led to the non or partial payment against submitted claims;
    • Re-process claims with necessary changes and justifications and submit to the payer for re-evaluation;
    • Review the price list and contract terms with payer if rejection is related to the same;
    • Complete review of medical documents and provide medical justification to payers for services claimed; and
    • Provide suggestions for corrective steps to be implemented to reduce rejection rate.

    Tusker Solutions vision is Customer Delight. That is what we strive to achieve by offering world class quality services and software tools tailored to your needs.